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Maximum Pew Pew is an actual-play RPG podcast following games such as Paizo's Starfinder.

Jul 23, 2018

An interview with Maximum Pew Pew player Cameron, and his character Maia. This interview is for a character in the Dead Suns saga, and may contain spoilers for the Dead Suns Adventure Path published by Paizo, as well as future adventure developments. Follow Maximum Pew Pew at our website, on Facebook, or on Twitter. If you are enjoying Maximum Pew Pew, consider donating via Patreon. Your contributions will help offset hosting, put snacks on the table, and commission artists and makers that we love. The "Starfinder Roleplaying Game" and "Dead Suns Adventure Path" are products of Paizo, Inc. Ambient music provided by Tabletop Audio.